About us

ABRIMAC SECULAR SERVICES LIMITED, is a registered charity service organization limited by guarantee in Uganda-Africa with offices in Kasese district.

ABRIMAC is derived from a French word “ABRI – to mean shelter and MAC is a word and name consisting letters in the names of the founding members.”

Our organization registration number is  80020000906938 Uganda Registrar of Companies. We’re partnering with KASESE FREETHINKERS CLUB a secular club through which sporting activities are managed and it is a member organization of International Humanist and Ethical Union – IHEU.

Its a secular organization with aims of promoting education, human rights, environmental conservation, beekeeping, fish farming, gardening, critical thinking, humanism, sports, use of science and appreciation of scientific discovery.

ABRIMAC SECULAR SERVICES LIMITED is aiming at bringing better services to the vulnerable population without the influence of religion but with the influence of humanism principles.

To ensure that we promote and foster development of reason, compassion and critical thinking in communities through secular education and community support.

To uphold honesty, reason, critical thinking and cooperation in every facet of human interdependence.

Through the Pollination projects, we got grant and brought water closer in a humanist school to promote good sanitation, gardening and reduce the risk of children accessing a near by river without guidance.
High pressure water pump acquired through Pollination Projects to help pump water for children from a river.