ABRIMAC SECULAR SERVICES LIMITED provides several humanistic services not limited to;

  1. PROMOTING EDUCATION  through providing scholarships to help vulnerable children stay and go to school, we also provide scholastic materials to vulnerable children in school – this helps the children to feel loved and also this helps them to perform better while in school.
  2. PROTECTING ENVIRONMENT through encouraging and participating in activities that lead to the conservation of our nature thus beekeeping, tree planting, and community sensitization.
  3. CAPACITY BUILDING in humanist schools which are facing a lot of attacks from the religious extremists, we support schools of this nature through mobilizing children and parents to join these better schools. This is best done through our sponsorship programs, we encourage our sponsored students to join the humanist schools so that the schools also get better incomes to facilitate and maintain their teachers which seems to be a problem in Uganda.
  4. PROMOTING BETTER HEALTH through mobilizing for the community to get equipment’s or materials that promote good living standards like mosquito nets, soap, jerrycans and first aid medications.
  5. PROMOTING KITCHEN GARDENING and FISH FARMING through mobilizing for gardening materials to supply to the community members, this is aimed at promoting food security measures and self employment skills. Our fish farming projects are moving on well, the youth are getting the benefits and impoverished communities are getting reasons to smile.
  6. PROMOTING SPORTS through organizing the youth to participate in games and proving equipment’s that will encourage the youth into sports which is one key activity that uplifts the minds of the population, sports promotes unity and good healthy. Through the already established KASESE FREETHINKERS SPORTS ACADEMY some youth and schools have benefited from our sporting programs.
  7. PROMOTING SCIENCE through forming science based groups in schools, we provide scientific materials to these groups and encourage them to demonstrate facts to other learns and encourage them to question how things happen. With science, life can progress and solutions to our daily problems are discovered – our children and general population need this service.
  8. BUILDING CLASS ROOMS impoverished communities of Uganda need schools and good schools without the influence of religion, through our organisation – we want to build better classrooms for the vulnerable children to get education.
  9. BUILDING HOSTELS – need better accommodation and care, our organisations is looking for funding in achieving this goal of managing a hosteling services for our students to access.
  10. BUILDING COMPUTER ROOMS – computer rooms are necessary in developing a community that is impoverished, Ugandans are being taxed heavily for accessing internet services and with our projects we intend to provide unrestricted internet services, we only need support from well wishers in helping us to build and acquire computer materials.
  11. PROCURING COMPUTERS – we need computers in our lives and in this impoverished region, these machines would be of great value to both the community and schools. With enough funding, we hope to procure computers and train the community on how best to benefit from computer skills.
  12. PROVIDING TRANSPORT SERVICES students who walk long distances to and from school to their homes need this service and our organisation needs to support to help the many children who suffer in their struggle to reach school.

Computer block construction – needs painting, electricity, furniture and computers

Sports activities – running groups, they need running shoes, first aid facilitation equipment’s.

Water projects, testing a water pump something useful in our gardening program. Need water tanks to install and help communities get water closer to them to have agriculture possible