Uganda is an impoverished state located in East Africa where majority of the population is under poverty line, because of very poor and corrupt government many are left suffering and unable to find good life. On this note we’re kindly asking for able persons and organisations to join us in this noble cause of getting the many vulnerable students into schools and helping them have reason in life. Below is a list of students who are being identified to be facing difficulties staying in schools, teachers are reporting to us several cases of school dropouts of very intelligent students due to poverty characterized with serious unemployment levels.

Our scholarship program is the best to move with for your funding to have a much better impact in the lives of these many vulnerable students. Our program encourages communication and respect, we meet our beneficiaries termly to discuss on how best their can achieve better in life, we encourage humanism.

Select a student to sponsor from our list, 165 USD enables a vulnerable primary student to keep in school for one complete year with a better school uniform and provided with enough scholastic materials, 330 USD enables a vulnerable secondary student  to keep in school for one complete year, provided with scholastic materials and school uniform.

Bwambale Abdallah (Primary 6) - 15 yearsSPONSOR
Muhindo Pascal (Primary 5) - 12 yearsSPONSOR
Musoki Saidati (Primary 7) -15 yearsSPONSOR
Namatovu Faridah (Primary 5) - 10 yearsSPONSOR