Humanism in Africa

DOING GOOD WITHOUT THE INFLUENCE OF RELIGION, HUMANISM for better generations. Uganda as impoverished nation in the Sub Saharan – Africa is much influenced with religion, poverty is terribly heating the majority population without hopes of reform due to the continued corrupt nepotistic leadership structure.

With the intervention of  other responsible citizens, the population can see light and have reasons to rejoice, secular services are needed in such communities and this company is geared and aiming at bringing reasonable solutions to the many problems facing these population.

This company is embarking on supporting the population through encouraging good education thus working with good schools that value the use of reason and those that appreciate the value of scientific discoveries. Communities that are impoverished need more schools than churches, need hospitals than just shrines, need books with skills than mythology being taken as facts.

ABRIMAC SECULAR SERVICES LIMITED is service giving organisation that hopes to bring enlightenment in a more impoverished community thus development and capacity building.

SUPPORT US and be part of an informed and organised group of people that want to live this world better than we found it for the future and current generations to be safe and happy.