Fundraiser to support our scholarship/education program through Beekeeping.

Through beekeeping, we hope people to get many positive results thus improving the standards of living both for the bees and people – people benefit from bees and bees should also benefit from people, harming them is not good. 

The funds will be used to buy additional hives and to purchase equipment necessary to extract bee venom. The venom will be sold to fund scholarships for vulnerable children who need financial assistance in order to attend school. The scholarships will be for the Kasese Humanist School. 

Additionally, after the hives mature and honey is harvested, it will be distributed to the children and any excess will be sold to help fund additional scholarships. 

Equipment: 20 Hives = £444 
Venom extractor = £634
Protective gear = £178
Apiary defencing = £300
Hive tools = £222
Storage equipment = £222
TOTAL = £2000£

A buyer for the bee venom has been established. The anticipated income is as follows: 
20 hives give 1 gram per day = £11 
Per month collection = £330
Per year collection = £3960

This income would be enough to fund scholarships for a year of school, with uniform and school supplies, for up to 30 primary students or 15 secondary students. Make a donation here

Note: Bee venom is collected by using a mild electric shock which encourages the bees to sting a collection grid. The venom drops onto a collection plate. The bees do not lose their stingers with this method, therefore it does not harm the bee.

Every small and big donations count, your support is appreciated.